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As a directory owner I must admit that I am completely flabbergasted at the standard of submissions. I am the first to admit that the Tajboy General Directory has high standards but the guidelines for submitting a site are laid out clearly so poor submissions should never be received. But the figures tell the story, and only very rarely are guidelines adhered to.

So why does it all go so wrong? After all, we do read constantly about the poor standard of web directories. I can understand when owners who are continually flooded with what I call SEOffal that they say enough is enough and either pull the pin on the directory or approve everything. Then of course, no one becomes a winner as a link in a poor quality directory is basically worthless and the directory owner can't attract the quality paying submissions that they need to keep the directory functioning.

I place much of the blame directly on the shoulders of the SEOffal firms that charge $15 for 1000 submissions. They don't care what they submit as long as they get the numbers up, and they submit to every directory that has a free option. Directory owners who care should reject them all, after all these submissions are easily recognisable.

And what of the poor "free directory" owner, why is he the only person in the world who is expected to work for nothing? They need to have a free option to attract listings while they promote the directory, but promoting the directory does mean parting with money to advertise on the better sites but with no money coming in, not only does he work for free but is out of pocket, time poor and frustrated.

Tajboy had a free option but was swamped by hundreds of junk submissions daily. An easy decision was made to stop the flow and only accept submissions by webmasters who believed enough in their site to promote it wisely and who were prepared to pay a directory owner for the time they spent reviewing the potential listing.

For those seeking value a featured listing is the way to go. Lots of deep links for the inner pages, address fields, always at the top of a category and a substantial written review by the chief editor to add to the details page. Payment is no guarantee of a listing but as long as the Guidelines are adhered to everything should be ok.

For those worried the directory is a hit and run operation there is an About Us page that hopefully will set your mind at ease.

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